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Pinned topic Report Studio and Cognos Namespace

‏2012-06-13T19:23:44Z |

I am using Cognos BI 10.1.1 . We are using our own java CAP - Custom Authentication Provider. We want to use our own users, roles and groups for security access level and permissions. It means we do not want to rely on default Cognos Namespace. My first question is:

1) Is it possible to use only custom users/groups/roles for security without relying on Cognos Namespace?

I am asking this becuase I confused when setting and testing security permissions for my custom work.

I have a custom group with name "Report Administrator". I wanted to use this group and gave it certain permissions like members of this group can access global capabilities like "Report Studio" and "Query Studio" in Cognos Connection . In order to do this, I added this group into "Report Studio" capabilities and grant it "Execute" and "Traverse" permissions. Same thing I did for "Query Studio".

when I login with member of my custom "Report Administrator" to my wonder I could able to see "Query Studio" under Launch in Cognos Connection but could not see "Report Studio". why so?

In order to see report studio under Launch I made "Report Administrator" part of Cognos Namespace "Report Administrator" . It worked and I could able to Report Studio Capabilities under Launch.

  • Why this two different rules for Query Studio and Report Studio? This make me wonder if I must have Cognos Namespace? Please advise? *