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Pinned topic WebSeal -500 error and Iframes

‏2012-06-13T18:03:59Z |
I am wondering if someone with knowledge of WebSeal could advise.

I have an Iframe portlet in WebSphere portal. The URL within the iframe - links to for example
Authentication is done through the iFrame portlet via WebSeal. If for example we shut down the website - WebSeal comes back with a "networkError 500 internal server error"
Within the default 500 error.html their is a back button.
If we click the back button it brings us back to a cached page. If I check the url on the button it is not configured. It says "%BACK_URL%/"
If I modify the url on the back button to for example when I click the back button on the WebSeal 500 html page - it appends the back button url to the iframe url.

So when you click the back button - it will try and go to

I was looking at portlet redirection - but I am not sure if this is where I need to be.

Basically I want that when you click on the back button within the default 500 html error page - that it brings you back to the WebSphere portal login. How do I get Webseal to over-ride the URL configured within the Iframe ? Is their anything else I can do to overcome this besides removing the back button.

Thanks in advance