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Pinned topic Will I have same client socket port when calling several ServiceInvoke?

‏2012-06-13T15:01:24Z |
Hi all,

I have one mediation flow with few sub flows in it (lets say 3). In each sub flow i have a ServiceInvoke (one or more) that call the same service.

I would like to know if all those calls to web service will go through same TCP client socket (it is HTTP 1.1, so Keep-Alive is sent)? I need all of them to be on same connection because behind that web service is actually a service working with Sockets and if all requests are not sent in same connection it will fail (that is completely out of my hands, nothing can be fixed there).

I am aware that if keep alive timeout occurs connection will be closed but it is highly unlikely to reach 5 seconds timeout (that is default on Apache 2.2).

I created some tests and it seems that it is happening but I would like a confirmation if somebody knows for sure that this is a normal behavior. I would not like to put that in production and cross my fingers that it will work every time :)

Thank you.

Best regards,
Bojan Nikolic