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‏2012-06-12T20:55:26Z |
Hello everyone.

Based on my customer needs, I need to hide some menu items from the Windows Web Reporting Screen.

I also need to edit the information from the Favourites Box. Look at the attached image for details.

Any idea about how to do it? By editing the web.master file my WWR screen crashed everytime.

Thanks in advance. Regards, Andres.
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  • asmcleod
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    Re: Web Reporting Menus editing


    Modifying TUAM's WWR interface has always been a black box to me; perhaps opening a service request to discuss with the TUAM development team?

    Which version of TUAM are you running? With v7.3, TUAM introduced the new TIP console which includes TCR/Cognos reporting capability. Though I also have no experience there, my understanding is that the TIP console better lends itself to customization - maybe that's an avenue you could pursue? For instance, with Report Pack 2, you've got the ability to define your own dashboards.

    The other advantage of migrating TUAM to TIP and TCR/Cognos - these are standard Tivoli technologies, so there will be more resources available to help your customization efforts.

  • Srini_A
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    Re: Web Reporting Menus editing

    We have been able to hide some of the Menu items and changed the header template. We had our web developer do this. I think it involves changing the web.master to point to the CSS files in the CSS folder which are customized for our site.