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‏2012-05-31T18:08:07Z |

In android development of push notification, I can send a push notification to an device using an Http Post. This can be used for a backend application that want´s to notify your device.
How can I do something like that in Worklight ?

Robson Arduin
  • IdanAdar
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    Re: Push Notification Http Post

    Please read our training materials related to Push Notifications.
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: Push Notification Http Post

    Hi Idan,

    Please, forgive me. I think I expressed myself wrong.

    Let's say that I have an web application for contacts, and I have another application on my phone that use this contacts of the web application.
    So, what I want is, when a contact is updated on the web application, I want my phone updated too, but I don't want my phone application trying to discover when this update occurs.

    In android, I have seen that I can send a HTTP POST to the google servers and then my phone will receive the push notification. So, when my web application is updated, the web application will send the HTTP POST to google, and my phone application will receive the push notification.

    In Worklight, in the get started exemple application, the application itself send the message for push notification using an adapter to Worklight Server. Or I have the onPoll calback method in the event source that will keep calling a method in time specified.

    So, how this web application for contacts can send to Worklight Server a message when is updated ?
    And when the Worklight Server receives this message, the Worklight Server can deliver the message to google servers or APNS.

    If you need more information, just ask me.

    Robson Arduin