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Pinned topic How to sign a soap request using a .jks file

‏2012-05-31T16:58:58Z |
We are working with the demo version of worklight.
We have a sign SOAP request which we want to use through worklight HTTP adapter. To achieve this these are the steps which we follow
We put our key file in the certificate folder.
We make entry in the file mentioned below
ws-security. eystore.password=provide password
Then we make entry in the adapter js file below the envelop like WL.Server.signSoapMessage(Envelop,'', "");
The syntax of above request is like as below
WL.Server.signSoapMessage (envelope, wsId, keystoreAlias)
Here envelop is our request variable
WSID is id in our request but we don't have any id so we left it blank
Keystrokealias wewrite keystroke alias.

we are getting some error like Class Cast: org.mozilla.javascript.Undefined cannot be cast to org.mozilla.javascript.Scriptable.
Please also suggest how can i confirm that value i enter is correct
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    Re: How to sign a soap request using a .jks file

    As you have opened a ticket, this will be handled over there.