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Pinned topic Errors while building and deploying sample application

‏2012-05-24T07:31:00Z |
I am new to worklight and currently exploring the worklight features.

I am facing few problems in running the sample application.
1] where can i see the Worklight application build and deploy logs in my eclipse IDE..? i dont see any logs being generated in the "console" view of the eclipse.
2] what controls does the App catalog console gives to the developer..? am using a remote server and hence have uploaded the binary "sampleproj.wlapp" manually succesfully.
3] Sample android project which gets created automatically has some errors(i have taken the sample app provided as part of worklight tutorial module 3. i have followed the steps exactly as mentioned in the tutuorial. am i missing something here..?
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    Re: Errors while building and deploying sample application

    1. What kind of logs do you want to see here...? If deployment fails you get relevant data; if deployment succeeds you get other relevant data.

    2. Worklight Console
    • Using Worklight Console you can delete the entire app or specific environment/s, as well as the adapter.
    • Depending on your application features, you can also notify users or even block the application.
    • Depending on your Worklight version, there are also other security features available
    • If using Push Notifications, there is a tab displaying some information regarding this
    • Also available is basic reports

    Please consult with the Worklight documentation and website for fuller details.

    3. I can't help you as you did not mention which Worklight version you are using, as well as did not mention what are the errors you are experiencing, and did not mention which sample you are trying to use...
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    Re: Errors while building and deploying sample application

    Thanks for your immediate reply.
    1] basically i want to see errors,warnings , logs etc when i select "build all and deploy" to build my application to see wether my build and deploy was succesful and if not what might be causing problem

    2] Can you PUSH notifications to the clients /control clients from the console even if its running in the remote server rather than the local one..?

    3] I am using worklight 4.2.1 version and "module_03_0_HelloWorklightProject" which is available as part of tutorial module 3.0 is the sample app i am trying to build. I created android environment for the same and getting the following errors.
    3a] "The type java.lang.Enum cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files /HelloWorklightProjHelloWorklightAndroid/src/com/worklight/wlclient/api/ line 1 Java Problem".
    3b] I am also getting the following error : "Project has no file! Edit the project properties to set one" .
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    Re: Errors while building and deploying sample application

    1. You will get those if relevant... (that is, if something went wrong, you'll be notified).

    2.1 Push Notification manipulations (sending push messages to apps) is not available at this time via Worklight Console.
    2.2 As for disabling apps or specific app versions or sending a notify message (it is not a push notification) is possible via Worklight Console, that of the server running it.

    3.1 What is your Android SDK and ADT versions? Please make sure you are up-to-date (should be now at v18).
    3.2 What is the version of Worklight Studio that you are using?