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Pinned topic Worklight integration with external website - super.loadUrl("");

‏2012-05-12T15:17:56Z |
Hello !

I am currently working on the integration of Worklight with a web application.

Basically, I have already developped a web application which is deployed on a HTTP server. I can access to this website via for example.

I would like to create a hybrid application with a webview pointing to with the following code :


class Test 

extends WLDroidGap 
{ @Override 


void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) 
{ String url = 
""; super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); super.loadUrl(url); 

In my android hybrid application created with Worklight, I have also created some activities like a MapActivity.

My question : I would like to invoke my MapActivity from which is in my webview.

Tha thing is that I can't use the following code since WL, WL.Client ... are not declared in

var params = 
{nameParam : $(
'com.AndroidShowNativePage.HelloNative', backFromNativePage, params);

Is it possible to do this ?

It seems that it is possible :

But do we need to include some js files ? Or the android application automatically include some js file when rendering the webview ?

Thank you.
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    Re: Worklight integration with external website - super.loadUrl("");

    Hi, as you have opened a support ticket already, it will be handled over there...