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Pinned topic How to cache remote resource to local storage

‏2012-05-10T09:23:02Z |

My app need some data files deployed at server URL (i.e, http://$server:8080 /data/map.xml), this data may be updated to new version, I want to cache it to local storage of the mobile app (i.e. place it at assets/www/default/ data/map.xml).

When new JavaScript/HTML pages deployed to worklight server, user required to download updates at next launching app, but if the data file has larger size and user want to postpone to download it using Wi-Fi at another time, I want to differ data upgrade from app upgrade.

Can I implement this feature using client-side JavaScript + PhoneGap only (I don't want to implement it using native code, it requires more coding for different phone O/S and I don't master them)?

thanks for any suggestions.