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Pinned topic [Solved] How to prevent app from reload after return from Google Maps

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My worklight app requires Google Maps feature, so my app give a link with geo protocol (i.e. geo:0,0?q=Central,Hong+Kong).
After I clicked the link, it requires to open Google Maps to search place 'Central, Hong Kong'), this works fine, but after I returned from Google Maps app, the worklight app try to reload my web pages (just like re-launch my worklight app).

I'm new to android, therefore my worklight app is expected to use web script as much as possible, if I'm required to modify android project source code generated by worklight, could you help give more hints or internet links/tutorials.

How to bring my worklight app to front simply other than re-load it?


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    Re: [Solved] How to prevent app from reload after return from Google Maps

    Hello Daniel.

    Without seeing your code, I can only make an educated guess.
    If I'm correct you are redirecting the application form your Worklight application main html to a new html file with the Google Map.
    When you do that you loss the context of Worklight and when you return to it, it reloads the application.
    What you need to do is load the Google map into a div in your main html file.
    See examples at: