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Pinned topic Not able to use transformation in SQL Adapter

‏2012-04-30T19:39:10Z |
When I try to use the *transformation *parameter in my SQL Procedures' input, I see the following warning in the console

15:36:46,618 WARN  [SQLQuery] The parameter transformation is not known and will be ignored.

But in the documentation, this information is mentioned.Below is the procedure that I'm using.

var userListListQuery = WL.Server .createSQLStatement(
"Select * from User_Table"); function getUserList() 
{ var input=
{ preparedStatement : userListListQuery , parameters : [], transformation : 
{ type : 
'xslFile', xslFile : 

return WL.Server.invokeSQLStatement(input); 

Am I doing this in the correct way? Can you please let me know?
  • IdanAdar
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    Re: Not able to use transformation in SQL Adapter

    This is because in SQL the result you get is not in XML, thus you cannot transform it.