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‏2012-04-13T20:58:17Z |
How I can connect adapter from remote server to my application ? If my application build on the local server. Adapter imported to the remote server. I need to deploy my application to the remote server ?
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    Re: Worklight Remote Server

    It is two-fold:
    1. As the application needs to send its request to the remote server, for this you set the worklightServerURL in application-descriptor.xml prior to deployment with the correct server address.

    Depending on your Worklight version and the platform you're using, you can also use the Worklight Settings option (available for iOS and Android only). Using it you can specify in run-time to which server address the application should connect to. You can read more about this in the guides.

    2. If the application does not exist in the remote server, and it tries to connect to it (to invoke a procedure), it will fail doing so because the server does not recognize the application.