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Pinned topic [Solved] SingleStepAdapterBasedAuthentication ERROR

‏2012-04-11T12:36:36Z |
I try run the module 20.1 with adapter authentication, but when I run the adapter ( Run As -> Invoke Worklight Procedure ) I have error:

2012-04-11 15:23:53 Procedure invocation failed
2012-04-11 15:23:53 The realm 'MyLoginRealm' is not defined in the authentication configuration file.

How I can fix this error ? Thanks.
  • IdanAdar
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    Re: [Solved] SingleStepAdapterBasedAuthentication ERROR

    The obvious question would be: is the realm defined?
    Can you copy paste the contents of your adapter's XML and authenticationConfig.xml, or attach the entire project?
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: [Solved] SingleStepAdapterBasedAuthentication ERROR

    I imported example from module in the eclipse. and got this error, but when I replaced MyLoginRealm to SampleAppRealm application build.