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As I said in another thread, I am evaluating WorkLight for the first time. I am only at the start of the evaluation. Some initial comments after some reading last night:

  • The forum is very new, I imagine? I always look at the forum of a tool to gauge the health and future of a product. There is very little activity here so far, and that can be a negative for new people discovering and evaluating your product. If you haven't already done so, you should take extra steps to Google-index your website and the forum.

  • The training materials look very nice. Certainly there are many other development tools out there that don't have training materials as nicely organized as yours.

  • There are obviously some other tools out there overlapping in this space, as far as using basic web technologies to generate a native mobile app. So, the differentiators for you are probably: the adapters, and the fact that this is not just for mobile, but for desktop and web. If that's accurate, you should try to stress that louder.

Back to the materials ... :)
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    Re: Evaluation Comments

    Thanks for the feedback
    The forum is less than 2 months old. Its not google-indexed on purpose since at this stage we want to keep it controlled and require logging in. We will probably change this in the future
    Indeed there are many tools out there, We focus on providing a whole product to enterprises with features such as app management, versioning, caching and of course all the client side features you mentioned.

    Let us know if you have more comments to the training itself. Especially things that are not clear at first read.