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Pinned topic Worklight MySQL installation issue

‏2012-05-05T22:38:54Z |

I am facing problem with MySQL setup. I know this is not the right place to ask help about MySQL installation but may be someone could have faced same issue during Worklight development environment setup.

Kindly guide me if you know something on this.

(1) I tried installing MySQL Server (mysql-5.5.23-winx64) on Windows 7 but the installation gets stuck at the stage of registering & starting Service and then it does not respond. On the other side, if I see the Windows Services then it DOES has created MySQL Service but service is NOT started.

then I tried installing on Win XP but again a different issue :roll:
(2) then tried to install MySQL Server (mysql-5.5.23-win32) on Windows-XP. It successfully installed the Service & started it. But at the last stage of the installation "Apply Security Settings" - it gave an error i.e. "Access denied for user root@localhost ( using password NO ) ".

I even tried disabled Firewall & Antivirus but still same issue.
Besides, I have successfully installed Worklight on Mac OS and its working fine :D


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    Re: Worklight MySQL installation issue

    Could it be that your IT blocks ports that are required for database access?