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Pinned topic Folder and Document Classes - Inheritance

‏2012-06-12T14:21:38Z |

I am really new to FileNet Content Manager, and I would really appreciate some help.

Basically, I am bit confused reagarding the folder and document classes hierarchy. I would like to create a repository where the Customer files of a company are stored, as follows:

  • Customer Files (Object Store)
- Customer 1 (Folder)
- Financial Documents (Folder)
- Statement 12/2011 (Document)
- Statement 01/2012 (Document)
- Customer 2 (Folder)

The Customer folder class will have a property called "Customer No".
The Financial Documents folder class will be a subclass of the Customer folder class. It will inherit the property "Customer No" from its parent.

-> Question 1:

a. When the user inserts a value into the "Customer No" property of the Customer folder, will that value be propagated to the folder's child folders as well (i.e. will the "Customer No" property of the Financial Documents subfolder get that value as well)?

b. If not, does the inheritance in FileNet just mean that the properties of the parent class are inherited by the child class as variables, like variables in programming languages, but their values are not propagated from the parent class to the child class?

The document class Statement will have a "Customer No" property as well.

I want this type of documents to be filed into the Financial Documents folder.
-> Question 2:

a. How is this link implemented in FileNet? Will the document object just reference the folder it is contained in, independently of its actual storage location in the database?

b. Moreover, is there a way for the Statement document class to "inherit" the "Customer No" property of the Financial Documents folder class? If so, can its value be propagated from the folder property into the document property?

Many thanks in advance!
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    Re: Folder and Document Classes - Inheritance

    Just to clarify things up, the repository should be like this:
    Customer Files (Object Store)

    __Customer 1 (Folder)

    _____________Financial Documents (Folder)

    _____________________Statement 12/2011 (Document)
    _____________________Statement 01/2012 (Document)

    __Customer 2 (Folder)