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Pinned topic Join a global transaction in java batch

‏2012-06-11T20:19:36Z |
We have a requirement in which we need to open an input stream and then call a business layer component to which an EntityManager is passed.

It seems that the Java Batch runs within a global transaction, which i did configure using using the ejb-jar.xml by defining a container transaction.

Now I am able to join the transaction by doing a entityManager.joinTransaction but only select statements are being fired, not the update/insert/deletes.

Is there a setting i am missing in the XJCL etc?

I have my persistence.xml configured to use transaction-type="JTA" and <property name="openjpa.TransactionMode" value="managed"/>

Thank You.
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    Re: Join a global transaction in java batch

    Also I observed that the transaction is not started. When i force a flush it throws an error :

    Can only perform operation while a transaction is active

    As I have already configured the ejb-jar.xml, I dont see whats wrong and why is the global transaction not getting started?