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Pinned topic Motherboard PN 43W0331

‏2012-06-11T15:51:55Z |
This is confusing for me. In the BIOS, there is an info that says

PLANAR 46M7131

...When I physically looked at the Motherboard, I saw PN 43W0331 and when I searched IBM or the page that Alex sent as to which motherbord supports which processor, I cannot find anything about it

Is 43W0331 = FRU 43W8250 ..............and therefore the best CPU I can put in is a E53xx?

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    Re: Motherboard PN 43W0331


    I am also trying to find this out as well as 43W0331 is the only part number I see on by board (up near the SAS backplane).  I flashed my BIOS to the current build (Version 1.19, Build ID: GGE149A) however it will not POST with a single or pair of Xeon X5460's in it.  I found the below link after buying the processors (based on multiple IBM pages stating it supports the X5460) but none of the FRU's listed in the link appear anywhere on the board that I can see.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.