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Pinned topic how to connect to vm using remote desktop

‏2012-06-11T15:19:07Z |
good morning,
i tried the demo of scp and i have not found how to connect with my vm via the remote desktop.

Best Regards,
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  • rossdavibm
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    Re: how to connect to vm using remote desktop

    That really depends on a lot of factors.

    Is your instance deploying successfully? Does it have an IP address assigned?

    Is your client system on the same network as your cloud? If not, you need a NAT or some other way to get 'inside' the cloud.

    Do you have a firewall in place? Is it blocking port the RDP protocol (port 3389)?

    A little more information will help answer this question. One starting point to test is to install the remote desktop client on your firstbox server, and attempt to access the VM from firstbox. If this works, then your issue is with network connectivity into the cloud from your client.
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    Re: how to connect to vm using remote desktop

    so the problem is: how to connect for same deployed vm , I want to understand how to use the private key for secure access to different virtual machines