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‏2012-06-09T05:13:18Z |
hai iam unloding the data with simple select query then i got the error code -905 with sqlstate 57014.the reason is ASU TIME exceed.can u plz tell me how to resove this error in detailed manner.
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    Re: db2 error

    DB2 has a component call resource limit facility (RLF)
    this component limits the amount of time that each query might consume
    if you are not the dba, you should consult your dba about this error, he should be able to tell you what to do (either run your unload in a different time when the rlf is not active or run it with a different user / different program)
    if you are the dba, you can just stop the rlf completely or change the policy so that your user will not be limited at all