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Pinned topic DB2 9.5 Issue while moving data from 1 table to another table

‏2012-06-09T04:57:34Z |
Hi All,
We are in a phase of WCS migration activity from 6 to 7,while migrating the data base from 6 to 7,we encountered some problems in db2 (9.5)database.

In One of our tables ADDRESS,for customisation we added some columns,but that is causing issue while migrating that table to 7,as not enough space is there to add the columns along with WCS out of the box columns.

So we created a new tablespace (Userspace2),and added a new table Address2 in that(by generating DDL of Address table),and thought to move data from Address to Address2,and then drop Address and rename Address2 as Address,

But While moving the data from Address to Address2,we are facing an issue like some of the newly added columns in WCS 6 table(Address) is having

GENERATED ALWAYS AS IDENTITY for generating the values

So We are not able to move data.

Do you have any thoughts on this??