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Pinned topic Assistance with NFS and PowerHA 6.1 setup

‏2012-06-08T14:08:05Z |
I am looking for requirements for the following situation with using PowerHA 6.1 and NFS

2-node HA cluster - haNode1 haNode2
Shared file system - /test

Directory under /test that needs to be exported as a NFS mount - /test/nfs1
Client AIX LPAR that needs to mount /test/nfs1 - aixClient

I want to limit remote access to the NFS mount to only - aixClient
I want "aixClient" to mount /test/nfs1 as read-write

Requirements from an AIX perspective and PowerHA perspective.
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    Re: Assistance with NFS and PowerHA 6.1 setup

    You have to include /test in a PowerHA resource group. To limit access you can create an options file /usr/es/sbin/cluster/etc/exports.

    See the following link for more details: