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Pinned topic Issue with dojo in portlet application

‏2012-06-07T09:37:25Z |
Hi All,

I have created a portal project in RAD ver 8.5 beta and deployed it in IBM websphere portal server V8.
I am facing a problem with the dojo widgets in the application. As soon as the portlet loads I get an exception (Description : SRVE0190E: File not found: /v1.7/dojo/nls/dojo_en.js). I am not able to get the exact reason for this error.
Please help.

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    Re: Issue with dojo in portlet application


    I dont know if its a good solution but I was facing the same issue so what I did manually placed a dojo_en.js file into ..portalserver/../dojo/nls/ and then I have not see this error again.
    But I am not sure if its acceptable solution but its not filling my logs with this file not found exception any more