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Pinned topic BI & TM1 Integration : SDK-ERR-0001-Cannot read the file "applications.xml

‏2012-06-07T08:09:10Z |
Hi Anybody have done Cognos BI 10.1.1 Integration with TM1. I'm trying to use the Cognos Extended Applications Portlet. When I'm about to select the Application, I get this error. When I look up the error on the IBM Website. I can't seem to find the "applications.xml" file in the Cognos Installation the reason I just keep getting the error.

Since this is embedded in the Cognos 10.1.1 Software, in the Application Tier. I tried to reinstall it and still can't location "applications.xml" but there's a lot of "application.xml" both in TM1 & BI. I'm not sure if the installer is corrupted or something or I should rename something cause it seems to be a trend to rename some files after installation (e.g. variables_TM1.sample).