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‏2012-06-06T22:22:40Z |
I may be missing something, and if so, I hope someone here can help me out. I've got a 4.5 installation, updated to FP2. I have my clients installed and am configuring them (particularly CE monitors at this point). However, I'm finding that there are a lot of counters that aren't available to monitor.

As a specific example, the P8 4.x/5.x monitor guide gives a list of the CE PCH counters at the end. One set of counters are USER/<Object Store>/Database. In this counter you get various database operation events, such as select, delete, update (the only 3 I've ever seen in the Settings Browser) and some others. Additionally you see duration counters, such as select/Duration.

The problem is, the only Database counters I see are the events select, update, and delete. I have connected to the exact same system using the Dashboard and I can see everything the documentation says I should, but the Settings Browser doesn't show it. I have even tried setting up a listener monitor where I put in the path manually and it comes back with uptime and status, but no results for the actual parameter/counter being checked.

Even worse is that the only value returned by USER/<Object Store>/Database/select is the running total, so for example, 160432 in our test environment. Again, according to the Dashboard the PCH contains not only the running total, but the number of queries in 15 minute intervals as well as the duration of the queries run (min/max/avg, I believe). Either of the latter 2 would be quite useful as I can establish a baseline of max query duration or max queries in a 15 minute interval. Total queries run since the Object Store came online is pretty much useless for performance monitoring.

Has anyone else run into this? Is it a known issue with FSM that I didn't find in the release notes? Does anyone have a fix for it? Am I missing something obvious with FSM that is default in the Dashboard install (literally gave Dashboard server name and port and it was happy)? I appreciate any help that can be given.