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Pinned topic Safe to rerun bootstrapProcessServerData on Process Center?

‏2012-06-05T16:26:43Z |
Is it safe to rerun bootstrapProcessServerData on Process Center where we have done application development?

I have managed to damage our process center development environment rather badly by adjusting some JDBC settings for the various resources. I won’t go into the gory details as to why I did this as it isn’t really relevant. After finding that I could not log into our Process Center, Admin or Portal successfully I put everything back to how it was. Unfortunately, even after I put things back to how they were, I still cannot get into Process Center, Admin, or Portal. I attached an image of what our Process portal looks like.

Here is the first error I see in the System.out log file when I bring up the environment:

6/5/12 11:15:42:666 EDT FFDC Exception:com.lombardisoftware.utility.spring.ProgrammaticTransactionSupport$CheckedExceptionWrapper ProbeId:934
com.lombardisoftware.utility.spring.ProgrammaticTransactionSupport$CheckedExceptionWrapper: com.lombardisoftware.client.delegate.BusinessDelegateException: PreparedStatementCallback; bad SQL grammar http://select t0.USER_ID,t0.USER_NAME,t0.FULL_NAME,t0.PROVIDER from LSW_USR_XREF t0 where USER_NAME = ?; nested exception is Invalid column name 'FULL_NAME'.

When I search the forums for “bad SQL grammar” a common thread is that folks either had problems with or didn’t run the bootstrapProcessServerData.bat file.

I want to know if I can re-run this bat file on my deployment environment to see if it fixes things. My concerns is what this script does. Will it blow away all the application development which we have that is somewhere in the Process Center repository?

I have a PMR open about the general problem we are having, but IBM has been taking quite a while lately to get back to me on PMR’s and all application development is at a standstill because of this.
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