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Pinned topic How can I find garbage data using a SQL statement?

‏2012-06-05T15:03:09Z |
We have a table, t1, in two libraries, lib1 and lib2. t1 does not have the same number of fields in both libraries. lib1/t1 has about 6 less fields at the end of the record format than lib2/t1. Level check is turned off on both tables. A RPG program ran over lib2/t1 that was meant for lib1/t1 and truncated some of the records. Using SQL how can I find the records?
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    Re: How can I find garbage data using a SQL statement?

    ‏2012-10-05T22:59:40Z  in response to PWConner
    If the data more or less matches between the two files using a left join... there is probably a better way but, off the top of my head, that should get you there.

    -John Andersen