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Pinned topic Installing IIS plugin for WAS Express express 7.1

‏2012-06-05T14:49:11Z |
I am trying to install the IIS plugins for WAS Portal express 7.0. I have installed fixpack 23.

The first instruction I can find says:

3. Install the Web server plug-ins using the Windows installer, which is provided with WebSphere Application Server. Complete the following steps to install the Web server plug-ins:

a.To start the Web server plug-in installer, right-click the install.exe shortcut in the plugin directory and select Run as Administrator. Alternatively, use the launchpad utility to install the Web server plug-ins when you are logged in as the built-in administrator account.

This install does not exist in my installation.

I downloaded what I though would be plugin install through the new fixpack installer (same place I got 23) and that turns out to be not a pak file but a zip file which when I open it has no install program.

I have also tried rerunning the main install but my choices are upgrade to a full license or install another instance.

How does one install this?

Instead of a trial, is there a developer version I should be installing?