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‏2012-06-05T02:17:16Z |
Hi, I need to create a reference to a file from a network drive.

I did a url attachment and specified URL as >file: c:/temp/test.pdf. Opening the url attachment via dialog "view attachments" opens second browser tab, but cannot open specified url. In browsers url address line I can read >http://file///c:/temp/test.pdf<. So it adds "http://" in the beginning and wipes away ":" after "file".

I am using IE 7 / 8 … in both version the same !

Is it possible? is there any other way to store a link what references to a file stored in a network drive???

Remember: I dont want to store the file, just reference it due to the file is in a network drive, and I dont want to store the same file into two differents locations (Maximo and Network Drive)

Many thanks for your help.
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    Re: Attachment from network drive

    What version of Maximo are you using?

    In 6.2.8, when you add an attachment, you can attach a web page or a file. I think you are selecting web page which is giving you the web page prefix.

    First step is to choose the method you want to add an attachment to the item, work order, etc.

    Second step is to choose the file you want to link to your item, workorder, etc.

    Third step is to look under on Advanced Options and verify the Copy Documents checkbox is off.
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    Re: Attachment from network drive

    Hello Cristhianeras,

    have you found a solution to your problem? I've a similar issue with an URL link/attachment to a document management system which starts with domea://<document-url>. It gets prefixed with "http://". Is there a way to disable the prefixing?