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Pinned topic Ajax scriptng inside a href tag

‏2012-06-03T18:42:55Z |

I have hover function something like this

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready(function () {

var card<?php echo $duplicate$i; ?> = '<p align="left">' +
'<b><?php echo $fname; ?>'+
' <?php echo $lname; ?></b><br/>'+

'<?php echo $smallbio; ?><br/><br/>'+
'<a href="http://abc.com"> <img src="http://welectricity.com/images/misc/friends_icon.png"/></a>'+

$("#<?php echo $duplicate$i; ?>").hovercard({
detailsHTML: card<?php echo $duplicate$i; ?>,
width: 400,
When friends_icon.png is clciked, i need to perform an operation with out page reload. Can some one help me out ?