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‏2012-06-01T14:33:46Z |
Hi all.

I have an small problem with my TSM client which run RHE Linux Server release 5.4 and the TSM client,Storage Agent and lin-tape versions listed below.


My TSM server version is 6.1.0 running on windows 2003 v5.2 SP2 and lin-tape version
Also I´m ataching my config files dsmsa.opt and devconfig also dsm.sys and dsm.opt

So the problem is that when i run a dsmrecall without using lan free path it works correct, however when I started dsmsta an run the same dsmrecall command I got the following error
ANR9999D_2623278148 CompleteMountWOList(mmsshr.c:4181) Thread<19>: Unable to obtain model type for '/dev/lin_tape/by-id/3500507630f31240b-IBMtape', rc =
ANR9999D Thread<19> issued message 9999 from:
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x0881b308 OutDiagToCons+0x0x118
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x0881dd78 outDiagfExt+0x0xe8
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x085bffe1 CompleteMountWOList+0x0x781
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x085c05e2 ShareOpenVolume+0x0x5f2
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x0850d8a4 pvrOpen+0x0x284
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x0875de9d AsOpenVol+0x0xbbd
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x0875a0ab AsAcquireInputVol+0x0xd7b
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x08733437 AsOpenSeg+0x0xf27
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x087a4b46 DoOpenSeg+0x0x116
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x087a51e6 SsAuxSrcThread+0x0x4b6
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x08898a94 StartThread+0x0xa4
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x0043e5ab UNKNOWN
ANR9999D Thread<19> 0x003c2cfe UNKNOWN
ANR0409I Session 11 ended for server TSM_GG (Windows).
ANR1401W Mount request denied for volume B00710 - mount failed.

I don´t know where the problem come from, I did check all configurations file, and dsmsta agent start correct.

please if someone else has been dealing with the same problem or have any advice It well be very helpful for me

Thanks a lot for your help