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Pinned topic OSGI feature pack installation and OSGI bundle

‏2012-06-01T07:15:56Z |

Not sure is this the right section to ask this question. Sorry if im wrong.
Previously i upgraded my WAS v7 with FP, and installed IBM installation manager 1.5.2 as well to get OSGI feature pack into my WAS v7.
But the installation manager stated FP is not installed, which making me could not proceed to install OSGI feature pack. (Attached along with image)

Currently working on installing different version of LR into WAS v7, due to versioning classes problem, eventually bumped up to OSGI, was hoping it is able to solve the issue.
Using Eclipse to exporting numerous .jar files as OSGI bundles, is there any way to bundle them into WAS v7 ? Any configuration to be take note ?
Not forget to mention, the .jar files as OSGI bundles is actually running under jdk 1.4 env, will be it an issue to bundle it into WAS v7 ?

Sorry for the weird questions, totally new in OSGI and IBM forum.

Thanks & Regards
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    Re: OSGI feature pack installation and OSGI bundle

    Hi Anson,
    For your query regarding the installation manger, try to post a message here.

    For bundlising jars to bundles, please see my reponse on your other forum, which I referred you the bnd tool. You need to create an EBA file and import it to WAS. You can find all useful information from the link I supplied in your other message as well. In response to your final question, the .jar file running under jdk1.4 env should be ok running in WAS v7.

    Hope this helps.