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Pinned topic Is all the functions on the UI available?

‏2012-06-01T06:03:43Z |
I download the Beta Drop #5, create a cloud group(through some abnormal extra steps) and register the kerserv.img in the directory /iaas/local-storage/vm. I can deploy the first instance ok , but got "Unexpected HTTP status 400 for POST on" on second deployment.

And also I'd like to know the WLD REST API Server address.

the Elastic IP attachment just not working.(The OK button did not respond).

The ELB Proxy Service in shared service not work in my environment, too. (org.apache.wink.client.ClientRuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Connection refused)

So Is there anything else i need to config after the installation?
Is all the functions on the UI available in current beta release?

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    Re: Is all the functions on the UI available?

    You need to be sure the HSLT cloud group is connected. Most likely you are having that error because iaasapis and/or webservices are down.

    To fix that, go into the VM hosting the webservices (it is called "webservice") and launch, as root these two commands: