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Pinned topic Migrate DCHP server from RedHat to AIX

‏2012-05-31T01:58:29Z |
All, I am trying to migrate a DHCP server from RedHat to AIX 7.1. It is not the simple DCHP as described by IBM's how to guides, but rather a DHCP for a vendor specific device like a cable modem. Basically, the server sits waiting with a range of addresses to sever and when the device powers on it looks for a DHCP server. The DHCP server reads the device and if it has a specific vendor code, then it supplies an IP. Here is a copy of the dhcp.conf from the RedHat box.

ddns-update-style none;

always-broadcast on;
not authoritative;
log-facility local6;

subnet netmask {

default-lease-time 43200;
min-lease-time 40;
max-lease-time 86400;

option subnet-mask;
option broadcast-address;
option routers;

class "SWRD_clients" {
match if substring (option vendor-class-identifier, 0, 3) = "SWR";
option vendor-class-identifier "SWR";

pool {
option vendor-encapsulated-options "SWRD";
option routers;
  1. uncomment the next three lines to download new code to the SWRD
  2. change the XXX on the file name to the new version number.
filename "SWRDAppVer113.bin";
option host-name "";
ping-check TRUE;
allow members of "SWRD_clients";
And here is my attempt to recreate it on AIX in /etc/dhcp.cnf file. Please don't laugh, this is not an area that I have worked with before.

numLogFiles 4
logFileSize 100
logFileName /usr/tmp/dhcpsd.log
logItem SYSERR
logItem OBJERR
logItem EVENT
logItem ACTION
logItem INFO
logItem TRACE

ddns-update-style none

always-broadcast on
not authoritative
log-facility local6

leaseTimeDefault 120 minutes
leaseExpireInterval 1 minutes
supportBOOTP yes
supportUnlistedClients yes

option 1 # subnet-mask
option 3 # routers
option 28 # broadcast-address
class "SWRD_clients"
match if substring (option 60, 0, 3) = "SWR"
option 60 "SWR""
option 60 "SWRD"
option 3
It doesn't look like it should be that complicated but I just can't seam to figure it out, any help or guidance would be most appreciated.
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    Re: Migrate DCHP server from RedHat to AIX


    Why wouldn't "regular DHCP" work.  The redhat configuration looks like it's not just serving up IP addresses but has the option of loading a file to--I am guessing--the cable modem (probably some sort of firmware update at another guess).   I don't understand the statement "Basically, the server sits waiting with a range of addresses to sever and when the device powers on it looks for a DHCP server". What do mean by "server sits" that the cable modem or are you referring to the redhat dhcp server?