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Pinned topic Attaching a technical definition to an asset

‏2012-05-31T01:31:56Z |
How do I attach a technical defintion to an asset using an import mechanism?

I have access to workbench and Glossary.
I have used Glossary to create my business terms (ie I have taken the techie source system defintions for fields that have business value and turned them into plain english :)) and then associated that to assets that the business use.

What I want to do though is associate each asset with its actual technical (ie source system) defintion (badly written as it may be).
I have loaded all my assets into workbench.
I can associate a term to an asset manually.
But given that I have approx 100 tables and many have common assets (eg key fields like source system), how do I create and import a spreadsheet that links the assets to the terms?

I think I have three choices:
1. create each technical defintion as a 'technical' business term and then try to link them and upload them into glossary using some sort of XML editor. This however fills my glossary with lots of technical defintions.
2. Do the same but try to upload the links via Workbench
3. Create custom attributes for short and long descriptions for each asset in workbench and feed the technical defintions in that way. however I still need to understand how this can be done via an import. (I can run a query to export, but import doesnt seem to be an option).

So can anyone advise please?
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    Re: Attaching a technical definition to an asset

    I think importing term-asset relationships using XML is best way. You can assign asset (like Database column) to one of the terms in your glossary and export the category containing that category. In the XML file exported, you can notice that all the asset relationships are stored between <assignedAssets> and </assignedAssets> tags. You can create similar tags to other terms also by making appropriate changing the names of assets. In this way you can create a XML file which has relationships and import that which will import the desired relationships.
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    Re: Attaching a technical definition to an asset

    Hello, I will be interested to know how did you proceed to attach a technical definition to an asset.
    We maintain a business glossary and I do not want to fill up our glossary with all the technical terms. I would rather have the technical term attached to the physical asset as short and long description in Metadata workbench.