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Pinned topic Null Pointer Exception on TBSM

‏2012-05-30T06:40:07Z |
Hi All,

I have created the service templates and SLA templates, however in between I am unable to connect to Data server using TIP portal. Please see attach file for error details.

I have tried restarting the TBSM suite, however TBSMProfile automatically stops after some time.

Kndly suggest

Avinash Amlani
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    Re: Null Pointer Exception on TBSM


    It sounds like your data server is not starting up. I would first check that DB2 and Omnibus are running (even if they are you may try restarting). If that is not the issue, have a look in TBSMProfile/log/server1/trace.log and look for Exceptions toward the end of the logs. That might help give you a clue as to why the server is shutting down. If that doesn't help, your best bet is probably to contact TBSM support.