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Pinned topic V7000 and Windows 2008R2 SQL metro cluster

‏2012-05-29T17:13:27Z |

we have two V7000 storages in replication partnership and two HS22 blade servers running windows 2008 r2.

we configured remote copy (metro mirror) volumes on each v7000 which should store MS SQL data for MS failover cluster.

i found in documentation that the copy direction for v7000 lun can be changed manually like this: attached

As this is manual action, my question is, what software or configuration change i need to do on the blades/storages to have this metro mirror copy direction switched AUTOMATICALLY when the cluster group fails on one cluster node (for any reason) and switches to another?

For HP EVA storage the program is called CLX.

I found at google that for IBM it should be something like IBM TotalStorage Continuous Availability for Windows (CAW), but i'm unable to find and download it for Storwize V7000.

Please HELP.

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    Re: V7000 and Windows 2008R2 SQL metro cluster

    Hi BladeCenterH,

    I am facing this exact same scenario i.e. we are building an SQL 2008 Multi Site Cluster using two V7000 SANs (using Metro Mirroring), two HS22V blades (cluster nodes). Did you finally get this to work?