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Pinned topic Using JSF1.2 with WAS 7.0

‏2012-05-29T08:55:10Z |

Used to use JSF 1.1 with WAS 6.1.. jsf-ibm.jar placed in /WEB-INF/lib..
How can I use JSF 1.2 with WAS 7.0? Understand that WAS 7.0 comes with JSF 1.2.. Do I still need to put the jsf-ibm.jar in the /WEB-INF/lib directory?

Is there any tutorial available?
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    Re: Using JSF1.2 with WAS 7.0

    If you still planning on using IBM Enhanced components (other wise called as hx: components in your jsf), you have to include ibm-jsf.jar.

    Just keep in mind that hx components are not compatabile with facelets.