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Pinned topic ITIM Queue Connection Factory / ITIM Shared Queue Connection Factory

‏2012-05-28T05:45:15Z |
Hi All,

Could anyone tell me , if the J2C Connection Factories are setup in WAS 7.0 when ITIM 5.1 product is installed.

1. ITIM Queue Connection Factory
2. ITIM Shared Queue Connection Factory

Can you brighten me up with the importance of these Connection Factories.

My Problem: I have a custom GUI application that takes in the UserName/ Password uses ITIM Login Context to authenticate to LDAP and logins it.
When i provide username, password and attempt to login. I get the follg. error:

W NMSV0610I: A NamingException is being thrown from a javax.naming.Context implementation. Details follow:
Context implementation:
Context method: lookupExt
Context name: <Server Details>
Target name: <...>
Other data: ""
Exception stack trace: javax.naming.NamingException: Error during resolve [Root exception is javax.naming.AuthenticationException: Login failed: Username and/or password is null.

I suspect its purely the configuration issue of the WAS properties. ITIM installed in the same WAS is working perfectly fine without the J2C Connection factories set up.
Please help me out..
Thanks in Advance !!!