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Pinned topic ITCAM for J2EE - Data Collector for Weblogic 10 Configuration fails

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I am new to ITCAM for J2EE and I am trying to configure ITCAM for J2EE Data Collector Fixpack 6 for Weblogic 10 on Windows . The first time I have installed DC, the only instance was AdminServer on every server and every instance could be started/stopped with startWeblogic.cmd located on the same server, but after the configuration of Weblogic has been changed and they now can be restarted from a central Administration console, it means that on every server there are managedserver instances which can be controlled from Administration console located on another server. I tried to unconfigure DC but it was not possible because the path of the previous instance (AdminServer) was changed, so DC could not locate the instance path.So, I uninstalled DC, installed it again and tried to configure it, at the last step of the configuration I get the message CYNCR8178E: The Instance Configuration failed. I tried every option for the configuration that I can but it did not work. What could be possible reason for this configuration problem ?

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    Re: ITCAM for J2EE - Data Collector for Weblogic 10 Configuration fails

    Could you check the DC logs to see if there is a problem recorded there? By default they are in directories:
    or c:\Program Files\IBM\tivoli\common\CYN\logs\launchContainer\
    Dave Skeen