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‏2012-05-25T18:26:05Z |
We are running a custom v7.0.0.2 based theme and according to the info center, we're unable to use the tagging and rating widgets because it's not a pagebuilder2 theme.

So I've started down the path of using the REST service but the documentation in the infocenter is less than comprehensive and I continuously get URI:null error messages. Using this:

I gave up on that and have moved on to trying to use the Java API found here:

However, in RAD, my runtime is unable to find the RatingModelController class. It must not included in the standard portal v7.0.0.2 installation (RAD is using full install runtime)?
What JAR is it in and where can I find the javadoc for this API? The information center seems extremely incomplete here and Google isn't helping either. Any help in this regard is extremely appreciated!!
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    did u manage to use REST API or JAVA to code this, we have the same problem