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‏2012-05-24T20:06:43Z |
I`ve just built a Power 770 MMC with 3 CEC enclosure and 4 Exps, I have 3 Integrated Multifunction Card ( 1 X CEC )

Quad Ethernet 2 X 1 GB and 2 X 10 GB Optical (#1769)

I have assigned these cards to 3 LPARs running 61 TL6 SP6 but I can`t see with lsdev|grep ent and when I run cfgmgr I receive :

cfgmgr: 0514-621 WARNING: The following device packages are required for
device support but are not currently installed.
(Please let me also know where I can find any doc for IMFC)

Thanks a lot...
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    Re: Integrated Multifunction Card


    I don't find any documentation but I think I had that issue and you need to install AIX 6.1 TL7 to have IMC support.
    Let me know...
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    Re: Integrated Multifunction Card

    Lorux, did you solve the problem by finding the needed device filesets in TL06SP06 or moving up to TL07?