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Pinned topic DMT not migrating private synonyms, triggers

‏2012-05-24T04:58:41Z |
Version 2.00-b2118

http://2012-05-23 Database Product Version :Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Production
http://2012-05-23 JDBC driver Oracle JDBC driver Version =

> db2set

In file I set:

but after start Extract DATA/DDL log contains:
http://2012-05-23 OUTPUT_DIR is : /home/db2inst/IBMDataMovementTool/migr
http://2012-05-23 Configuration file loaded: '/home/db2inst/IBMDataMovementTool/migr/'
http://2012-05-23 Missing values for dstDBRelease in the property file
http://2012-05-23 debug : False
http://2012-05-23 Encoding : UTF-8
http://2012-05-23 sqlFileEncoding : UTF-8
http://2012-05-23 RetainColName : True
http://2012-05-23 graphic : False
http://2012-05-23 loadstats : False
http://2012-05-23 norowwarnings : False
http://2012-05-23 dstDBName : INSLOAN
http://2012-05-23 customMapping : false
http://2012-05-23 db2_compatibility : False

at the end:
http://2012-05-23 done Blade_4
http://2012-05-23 Starting extract of other metadata. Please wait ....
http://2012-05-23 db2_compatibility is turned off. You may see limited objects extracted.
http://2012-05-23 Work completed

file db2synonyms.sql is empty

  • This file was generated on : 05-23-2012 21:25:23
  • IBM Data Movement Tool Version : 2.00-b2118
  • This script contains synonyms extracted and it is part of the deployment script.
  • The contents of the file will also be loaded in GUI interactive deployment.

File with triggers not created.

Please help
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    Re: DMT not migrating private synonyms, triggers

    I am having the same issues with IDMT. I have followed all of the directions in this paper

    My instance is set in compatibility mode but it does not seem to recognize it.