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Pinned topic ICON question: How to specify cloud providers?

‏2012-05-23T11:17:23Z |
Hi folks,

with scp I am still on drop 4, but I want to use ICON (which is not included in drop 4).
So I downloaded beta drop 6 and manually installed the icon Image from the icon.tar.gz file via the IBM Installation Manager on some RHEL 6 VM in my environment. That worked fine.

Now I wanted to create a new Image. I went through the wizard, but it seems that ICON always needs a "Template Image" and I can't start installing a new image from scratch?

So I then tried to connect the ICON installation to my SCP beta drop 4.
I specified the following REST API URL: (that's the IP of my webservice VM)
that is the file "admin.key" which I copied from the storage-1:/iaas/cli/adminkey directory.

No error message so far.
Then I go to "Images and Bundles / Build and Manage Images" and click on the "Import from Cloud Provider" button.
But no image is listed in the "Available" section, although I have a couple of images defined in my environment.

I see the following messages in the /opt/IBM/icon/ - - 23/May/2012:13:12:04 +0200 "GET /resources/cloudProviders HTTP/1.1" 401 1056 "2558/CF-WRK: 5439571 : 0" 816473 - - 23/May/2012:13:12:10 +0200 "GET /resources/cloudProviders HTTP/1.1" 200 495 "2558/CF-WRK: 5439571 : 1" 1275942 - - 23/May/2012:13:12:12 +0200 "GET /resources/cloudProviders/28 HTTP/1.1" 200 486 "2558/CF-WRK: 5439571 : 0" 80818 - - 23/May/2012:13:12:15 +0200 "GET /resources/images HTTP/1.1" 200 23 "2558/CF-WRK: 5439571 : 1" 395438 - - 23/May/2012:13:12:17 +0200 "GET /resources/images HTTP/1.1" 200 23 "2558/CF-WRK: 5439571 : 0" 14228 - - 23/May/2012:13:12:17 +0200 "GET /resources/cloudProviders/28/cloudBaseImages HTTP/1.1" 200 23 "2558/CF-WRK: 5439571 : 1" 620164 - - 23/May/2012:13:12:19 +0200 "GET /resources/cloudProviders/28/cloudBaseImages HTTP/1.1" 200 23 "2558/CF-WRK: 5439571 : 0" 231265
The REST URL should be available from the ICON machine, iptables is stopped and I can open that URL in a browser and get a "Welcome to IBM Iaas Cloud Web service" page.

Does the REST API from drop 4 not support the access by ICON or did I miss a configuration step for ICON?
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    Re: ICON question: How to specify cloud providers?

    The key needs to be converted for ICON using this command:

    openssl pkcs8 -topk8 -in u50292.key -outform DER -out u50292_icon.key -nocrypt

    The u50292.key file refers to the file that was created when you ran the iaas-get-accesskeys command, and varies depending on the user identifier that is assigned in your environment. The u50292_icon.key file holds the converted key file. Java requires a particular formatting to use a private key, and the command that is shown performs this conversion.
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    Re: ICON question: How to specify cloud providers?

    Great, that was exactly the step I had missed.

    Thanks a lot Pam!