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‏2012-05-23T02:15:12Z |
I need to extend the evaluation period for the trial version of Cognos 10 in order to present functionality to a client. Is there a way to do this?

If I uninstall and re-install the software (1) will the clock start over and (2) will reports and dashboards I have created be recovered.
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    Re: Extend Evsaluation Period

    This may be a bit late for, but for anyone else wondering...

    Yes, you can reinstall and the clock starts from scratch again (we all get busy and need a bit more time).
    No, you can't export your content (that I know of), but report studio reports can be opened, then from Tools menu, use Copy Report to clipboard. You can then paste into Notepad and save the xml. Backup your Framework manager models as well.

    After you've reinstalled, you will have to setup your data sources again, republish your packages etc. Then open the xml in Notepad (do not double click the file), select all and copy. Open Report Studio, select any package and report type. Once opened go to Tools menu, and select Open Report from clipboard.

    So it won't work for dashboards but it will limit the amount of rework you need to do.