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Pinned topic Recorded demos available for the upcoming features

‏2012-05-22T07:22:28Z |
Do you know that there are recorded videos with audio for several of the upcoming features in SmartCloud Provisioning?

The whole list is available here:

For almost each entry there is a demo posted: just click the link and you'll find a brief description of the functuionality and below that the recorded demo (see for example

To see the video you need to be logged in into developerworks ;-)

Note that close to the video there are four buttons. Clicking the "I like it/I don't like it" buttons you'll send an email directly to the development team so that you can share with them your opinion/doubts/issues about the functionality. Clicking the "comment" you'll be able to comment directly on the page where the video is posted and clicking the "discuss" button you'll be forwarded to this forum.

Enjoy them!