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Pinned topic Field names after reverse engineering - Alias vs System Name - (DB2)

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When reverse engineering a file created from a DDS source, it grabs the "Alias" for the name of the field in the data modeler, instead of the system name. If there is no alias for a field it grabs the system name as the "name" of the field, which is perfect. But if there is a alias, it uses that name instead of the system defined name. Needless to say not all the fields I deal with have an alias, so it makes the naming of the fields very inconsistent in the data modeler, especially when generating reports when 95% of the field names are the system name, and then having the other 5% showing as the "alias" name. I understand you can change reports to print the system name instead of field name, but some reports like the "Difference Reports" when comparing tables are not changeable that I am aware of. Essentially what I'm getting at is I don't want the 'Alias' name to take precedence over the system name when naming the field for the data modeler when reverse engineering.

Attached is a screenshot of the issue.
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    Re: Field names after reverse engineering - Alias vs System Name - (DB2)

    If "Alias" specified, iSeries will treat it as SYSTEM_NAME. If "Alias" is not specified, iSeries system will
    automatically assign a SYSTEM_NAME, by default is the same as object name if the object name is 10 characters or fewer.
    In your case:
    1) The first column "ALLOCATION_PCT" has alias "PQALP" defined, so "PQALP" show up in the SYSTEM_NAME field
    2) The second column doesn't have user-defined alias, then iSeries generate a system_name "IVADR3" for it.

    Unfortunately, there is no way to differentiate user-defined or system generated alias/system_name, so either of them will
    display in the SYSTEM_NAME field.