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Pinned topic Send me a note if you want to share your experience with APM UI interface

‏2012-05-18T22:03:40Z |
Hi Everyone,

My name is Humberto Gutierrez-Rivas and I am an IBM user experience professional working in this APM UI project. As part of my work I conduct interviews with customers and business partners to identify and understand user audiences, their needs and work environments to help in the design of our offerings. I am also involved in other types of activities designed to get feedback from at later stages of development cycle.

At this point I am interested in collecting feedback on experiences wit APM UI from those that have had the chance of using it. So, if you are using the APM UIand would like to meet to share your experiences, e-mail me at My goal from this meeting is to understand what works, what needs improvement, what does not work, and what's missing in this interface.