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‏2012-05-18T08:59:32Z |
Can FastBack Develop Team help out with the enhancement requests:
1. Support up to 10 TB MS Exchange backup;
2. Increase FastBack performance as many customers found the snapshot backup intolerable slow (shame that 20 GB data takes up 1 & a half hour to complete);
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    Re: FastBack enhancement requests

    1. Currently FastBack is limiting protected volume/disk size by 2 TB. There are no plans currently to increase this limitation, please work with product management to solve this.

    2. FastBack backup performance is highly dependand on amount of write I/Os to protected volume during backup. In order to provide point-in-time picture of protected volume a COW (copy-on-write) operation is performed. It slows down protected server itself and backup speed in general. In case of slow backups please advice customers to use incremental backups (instead of full ones), to schedule backups of highly loaded servers to relatively calm periods of time (night ?), to use LAN-free (SAN based) backups and to check throughput of network and of storage on FastBack Server side.