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Pinned topic Announce: ICEmobile - Enabling Enterprise Mobility with JSF

‏2012-05-17T18:35:31Z |
I am pleased to announce a new article from Stephen Maryka. Stephen is the Chief Technical Officer at ICEsoft Technologies Inc. Stephen provides an overview of ICEmobile, which enables Java Enterprise developers to build web applications that provide the native look, feel, and capabilities of the mobile devices from which they are accessed. ICEmobile delivers a user experience that matches native mobile applications, and it does so in a way that adapts seamlessly to the various device platforms. Here is an excerpt:

JSF is not new to the mobile landscape.  As early as 2007, the ICEfaces framework was being used to deliver JSF-based applications to mobile devices.   Advanced browser capabilities on devices like the iPhone, coupled with advanced Ajax-based frameworks like ICEfaces, enabled JSF developers to adapt desktop-targeted Rich Internet Application (RIA's) to mobile devices in an effective manner.  So what has changed in the last five years that out-dates these early techniques, and what modern approaches can be applied to deliver a true native user experience to today's wide spectrum of smart phones and other mobile devices?  A brief review of the recent and astounding  history of smartphones will shed some light on this question and its answer.
Read the article here:

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